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Stumbling to Respond


In the supersaturated world of consumer-facing technology, businesses have to look beyond their own infrastructure and offerings to improve and compete. So when a client’s cloud platform wasn’t keeping up, they needed to know why.


Building on Muscle Memory


We started at the end of the sales chain: the partners. Why couldn’t they sell it? What we learned was that they weren’t using it themselves – other platforms were simply easier to use. We interviewed partners and put together focus groups to get granular insights into the issues, and built a report that detailed not just what was wrong with one cloud platform, but what was right with the others. The process was conducted over an extended period so that we could revisit issues more than once, and find out if our solutions were working.


Stronger Talk, Stronger Walk


Research is our science; storytelling is our art. Every interview was presented to our client, and themes were apparent almost immediately. Again and again, our clients were surprised by what and how we learned. When we presented them with the story their partners told, our findings helped them improve recruiting and growth through their partner network.

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