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b2b partner program people sitting around a table

Creating a B2B partner program can help differentiate your business, increase sales, and build the foundation for future success.

Partner programs have been used successfully by Microsoft, Logitech, Hootsuite, and more. If you are considering expanding your business by creating a B2B partner program, here are a few key things you will need to be successful:

  1. A value proposition. Define the unique value that your program offers to partners and customers. This is your opportunity to outline the experience your customers and partners will have. Think about your market, what is most important to your customers, and how your offer compares to that of your competitors.
  1. A recruitment strategy. Start by defining what characteristics a good partner would have. Defining this now will keep you from spending time on partners that aren’t a good fit for your program. Then lay out the requirements and onboarding process for eligible partners.
  1. Partner benefits. To land and keep quality partners, you need to offer a relationship that not only encourages your business to grow, but also helps your partner’s business grow as well. You want to offer benefits that will attract partners to your program and help win customers.

Want to learn more about creating a B2B partner program? Download our “Power of Partnerships” eBook to gain additional insights and discover how we can help you create a thriving partner program.

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