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Microsoft Word tips

If you’re like me, you live in Microsoft Word. In fact, I currently have no less than 10 documents open and in use on my desktop. (Life of a content marketer, am I right?)

And, like me, you likely don’t have a lot of time to waste decoding Word’s many features. Here are 5 Microsoft Word tips that will help you save time and become a master.

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    1. Navigate through your document faster
      Editing a lengthy eBook or long document? Instead of scrolling through to locate the spot you need, use Shift+F5. This command will cycle you through to the locations you edited most recently. You can also use this command when opening an existing document to move directly to the location you were working on when the document last closed.
    1. Generate filler text automatically
      As a marketer, lorem ipsum can be a great tool to help understand page length, spacing, or simply showcase where genius copy will go once you finally get around to writing it. Word can generate lorem ipsum automatically by typing “=lorem(p,l)” straight into your document. Replace “p” and “l” with the number of paragraphs and lines you need to generate.
      lorem ipsum
    1. Hyperlink faster
      Don’t let citations slow you down. Insert a hyperlink into your document without ever removing your fingers from the keyboard. To link faster, highlight the text you want to build a link on, hit Ctrl+K, paste the URL, and hit Enter. It’s as easy as 1, 2, hyperlink.Microsoft Word tips
    1. Hide spelling and grammar mistakes in a document
      Working with a brand name that isn’t in Word’s dictionary? How about a product name that always comes up as misspelled? You can turn off the red and green lines by opening the File menu, clicking Options, and then Proofing. Tick the Hide…options at the foot of the dialog box, and you’re all set. Just remember to turn the feature back on so you don’t have any obvous speling er0rrs in your work 😉Microsoft Word tips
    1. Save your eyes
      This one is for all my editors out there. Save some strain on your eyes by switching to Read Mode (from the icon on the View ribbon) and then select View, then Page Color, and Sepia from the list. This will make the color of document appear muted and will save your eyes during long days of reviews.Microsoft Word tips

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