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5 writing prompts to get you inspired

Writing is hard. And writing when you’re feeling uninspired is much, much harder. When writing for your own enjoyment, writer’s block can be maddening or inconvenient. But, when writing professionally, a lack of inspiration can have serious consequences—like missing deadlines and falling behind.

To help you get back on speaking terms with your muse, here are a few writing prompts that might help!

    1. Reinvent a childhood memory
      Think of a pivotal childhood moment—something that made a meaningful impact on your adult life. Now, imagine that things had gone differently. Instead of failing that test, you aced it. Instead of moving away, you stayed. How is life different? What remained constant?
    1. Write your way out of a puzzle
      In professional writing, there’s often a list of brand terms or keywords that we (begrudgingly) need to fit into our copy. Practice by using all the following words in a creative exercise: rubbish, rancid, flower, dash, collide, skyscraper.
    1. If your pet were a person…
      We have a natural tendency to give our pets human characteristics. Take it one step further. Write about what your hamster would be like if she were a person. How would your cat handle a stressful relationship? Go for it!
    1. Focus on a detail
      You may have already broadly covered a topic like “How to write a really awesome blog.” Now, take it one step further and focus in on specific details. In this example, you might write about “How to craft a catchy title” or “How to hook your audience in the first fifty words.”
    1. Let your descriptions run wild
      Imagine you’ve gone hiking in a forest on a mountainside. There is nobody else around. Describe what you hear as you pass through different parts – a densely wooded area, a stream, and a high ravine.

    Sometimes, all you need to get back on the creative track, is to let your mind go in odd and open-ended directions. I hope these prompts help you get inspired!

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