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Being able to break through the noise isn’t so far-fetched if you know where to focus.

Unless you are out in the wild or in a sensory deprivation tank, chances are you are getting bombarded by some sort of visual noise.

Information is coming at you 24/7 digitally from your email inbox, ads on the web that you see from your computer or phone, and your TV. On the road? You’re seeing marketing messaging posted on billboards and buses. At a store? You’ll see promotional signage, product displays, an assortment of labels, colors, or shapes–each article clamoring to get your attention. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

When your current beliefs are shaped by your own limited experience and immediate surroundings, and you focus so hard on sharing everything you want to say about your product, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly resonates with your customers. And when you consider the number of items competing for your customers’ attention on a daily basis, knowing what marketing messaging to bring forward, and where, when, and how to showcase it so that it gets seen seems almost impossible, especially if you are a relatively smaller business.

Being able to break through the noise isn’t so far-fetched if you know where to focus. Whether you are trying to drive awareness to a service or offering of your own, generate leads, or make a sale, you should be aware of these 7 potential blockers that can stifle your message. Learn how to bust through them so you can connect with your customers.

  1. Making assumptions. Take the guesswork out of your marketing approach. Review studies and use surveys to ask your target market or current customers what they’re most interested in, what’s working for them, and what isn’t working. You want to ensure that the message you are delivering is of value and that you aren’t adding to the heap that already exists. Use Web analytics to determine which marketing channels are delivering the greatest impact to your business, and if something isn’t working figure out why.
  1. Headlines that make your eyes glaze over. Don’t underestimate the value of the headline to your communications. Before you expect anyone to open an email, click an ad, or take the time out of their busy schedule to read an article, you need a provocative headline to grab their attention. If they can’t make it past your headline, you’ve already lost them.
  1. Excessive content. Keep it simple. You want your marketing content to be memorable and easy to consume. Remember you want to break through the noise, not add to it. Too much content will dilute your message and minimize its impact.
  1. Focusing on features. You’re passionate about your product. I get it. But the only thing your customer cares about is how it’s going to make their lives better. Shift your attention toward the benefits and the purpose, and don’t make the mistake of forgetting the reason why your product or service is even there to begin with.
  1. Lack of differentiation. You want to stand out, not have your marketing messaging blend in with what others are saying and doing. If you can’t quickly point out why your product is better and different from others, you will have a hard time breaking through, and any interest you acquire may be short lived as it will be quickly snatched by the competitor who can.
  1. Multiple call to actions. Time is limited and attention spans are short. Pick a key thing you want your customers to see or do and stick to it. It will keep them focused and your message on target.
  1. Insufficient exposure. We have a tendency of thinking that a great piece of content guarantees our target is going to read it and act on it right away; that once we hit send or post, our work is finished. This, of course, is not true. You need to reach out repeatedly. Remember, there’s a lot of activity distracting your customer. If your customer missed it the first or second time, or meant to look at it and forgot, another delivery will increase the chances of jogging your customer’s memory and getting your marketing messaging seen.

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