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There’s always a time and place for humility, but lately we’ve been feeling very proud. We’re excited to announce Audienz has made the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) Washington’s Best Workplaces List!

For a little background, each of us at Audienz answered questions on topics like job satisfaction, relationships with the leadership team, opportunities for advancement, and more. These surveys determined the finalists and, well, we’re in!

As our CEO loves to say with gusto, “we are unstoppable!” It’s true. Audienz creates an environment where high-caliber work, engaging opportunities, and insightful breakthroughs happen. But what makes us unstoppable? Our team and culture!

  • Smart, nimble and ambitious employees are supported to collaboratively develop high-caliber work beyond conventional approaches.
  • Curiosity is encouraged in every role, empowering employees with the autonomy to pursue engaging opportunities passionately.
  • Creativity and trust allow employees to break through obstacles and solve problems within our work and careers.

What’s next?
Stay tuned to see how we ranked for Washington’s Best Workplaces. The list with scores will be published in the Business Journal’s Aug. 4 edition. However the awards pan out, we’re beyond proud of our team and what we’re creating together!

Are you interested in working with or joining our smart, nimble, curious, and creative team? If yes, drop us a line!

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