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the business of making a difference

Regardless of what you do for a living, satisfaction ultimately lies with your ability to make an impact.

As marketers, we kid around sometimes about our line of work. We deal with aggressive timelines and campaigns that put us under a lot of pressure— but at least it isn’t brain surgery! Though our work is occasionally trivialized to be comprised of sales pitches and giveaways, what marketers do is not frivolous by any means. Marketing tactics may not be as risky as brain surgery or as blatantly heroic as saving someone from a burning building, but they drive attention to life-changing products and worthy causes that affect the lives of millions.

After viewing the continuous TV coverage of the natural disasters that recently struck our region of the world, from category 4 Hurricane Harvey in Texas, to category 5 Hurricane Irma in Florida, wildfires in Oregon and Washington, to 8.2 magnitude earthquakes to our neighbors down south, it’s difficult to “keep calm and carry on” as the popular saying goes. I feel blessed to have my family safe and out of harm’s way, which is more than I can say for millions of others who, within the last 3 weeks, have suffered immeasurable loss or are still trying to find food and are struggling to recover.

That said, team Audienz has set up a page on Crowdrise and shared it on social media in an effort to raise funds for those that are still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We’ve done our due diligence and researched organizations to find one that has a history of allocating a greater percentage of funds to those in need vs. internal expenses. Please join us in the business of making a difference by donating through the organization, Direct Relief, on behalf of Team Audienz. Aside from a small percentage of funds needed to use this crowdraising platform (5%), all other funds will be donated to Direct Relief, which will donate 99.4% of funds collected to hurricane relief services.

Let’s make our best impact. Together. #unstoppable

Thanks in advance for your contribution.

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