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Interviewing job candidates can be challenging as employers are always looking for new and innovative ways to hire and retain top talent. Hiring managers and recruiters often make the mistake of focusing solely on job requirements and experience due to the difficulty level involved in assessing the potential of a candidate.

You will yield better results and ultimately improve the quality of the candidate you are hiring if you focus on potential and the candidate’s ability to grow within your organization.

When you’re interviewing job candidates, trajectory should be a key part of the assessment process. It’s imperative that managers and recruiters evaluate not only where the candidate is, but where they’re going and how fast they’re getting there. Drive, self-motivation, and determination to advance personally and professionally can play a considerable role in selecting an ideal candidate.

Hiring a candidate with limited experience may prove advantageous, albeit a bit risky. Having less history may enable the candidate to see problems in a new light and from a fresh perspective. In addition, the lack of experience may also increase the pressure for the candidate to continually prove themselves. At a minimum, the shorter career history will mean less inherited unhealthy habits to apply.

While there is a chance you will make the odd mistake, seeking out people that have the potential to be superstars is the best way to make sure your company keeps moving forward.

Follow these four tips to evaluate a candidate’s potential:

  1. Pay attention to progression on resumes. The ability to showcase one’s growth is imperative to success. If progression isn’t displayed on the candidate’s resume, ask. Lack of proven growth in skills, abilities, and achievements is cause for alarm.
  1. Ask candidates to highlight and explain their accomplishments. Look for ability and initiative, and keep in mind that the size of accomplishments will vary based on the role you are hiring for.
  1. Uncovering key abilities and behaviors. Look for a balance of traits, qualifications, and responsibilities to avoid getting wrapped up in past details.
  1. Use pre-employment assessment tests to help assess candidates’ potential. If a candidate’s experience is close to what you want, but may be lacking in one area, put them to the test.

In summary, the next time you are faced with the decision to hire for potential over experience, don’t ignore the hidden benefits. Giving a candidate with less experience a chance to prove him or herself will increase employee loyalty, while reducing costs and accelerating growth.

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