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let your brand voice be heard

When I’m trying to decide between companies for a product or service, and what they offer is similar in price and quality, I look somewhere a little unconventional to break the tie: their brand voice.

Brand personality is a great way to differentiate your business, and expressing it through your company’s brand voice can help you break through the noise and find customers that appreciate your unique perspective. I like to vote with my dollar, and part of that is supporting companies that bring something fresh to the world or express themselves in a unique way.

I don’t think brand voice has ever been more important than it is now. The marketplace is incredibly crowded with new startups popping up every day, making it more challenging for businesses to stand out. Some people even think that the technology we surround ourselves with, and the prevalence of the Internet, have made it difficult for others to feel a personal connection to a brand, but I don’t feel that way. The way I see it, we have so many more tools now at our disposal to get consumers to learn about companies and connect with their brand. One study shows that 81% of customers research a companies and products online before making a purchase. And it is not only your website and product pages capturing consumers’ attention; if your company’s last tweet was a decade ago, and your LinkedIn doesn’t even have a logo, that might raise some eyebrows and lose a sale.

My checklist for monitoring a company’s voice includes several factors:

  1. Social presence: Make sure you have social media marketing in addition to a website. If I search for a company online and can’t find their website or any social media accounts, that raises a red flag for me.
  1. Recent activity: Make sure that your website and social media accounts (including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even Glassdoor) contain the latest information about your business.
  1. Level of engagement: Once you have identified your brand personality make sure you keep the conversation going with your audience. Create and share relevant content that adds something new to the space.

Apply the unique perspective of your brand voice to your online presence and all your communications. For example, if your brand cares about technology, and Microsoft just released a new feature for the HoloLens: Talk about it! Tweet it! Blog about it! Tell your customers, and get your unique voice out there. It will help you find customers that will appreciate your point of view.

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