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Maximize your impact hands in a huddle

Your impact on a team is important. Whether you’re a writer, strategist, designer, or the CEO, the way you approach teamwork is vital to your overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Check out these 5 tips on how to maximize your impact, and make your experience on a team meaningful:

    1. Flex your empathy muscle
      A team setting often resembles a family environment. So, having strong emotional intelligence can let you set the tone for the group. As part of being transparent in your team, empathy can lead you to more productivity since people will learn more about each other and feel more connected as a team.
    1. Be a team player
      Don’t fixate on your job position. Taking on different roles, from writer to sales executive, teaches us to move and work nimbly and efficiently. Being game to switch it up shows that you care about the good of the company. Being a team player is more than helping a co-worker with a question they have. It’s establishing yourself as a reliable, trustworthy teammate that people feel comfortable going to with questions, asking for help, or even delegating something to you if their plate is overflowing. As a team player, you’ll get more satisfaction out of the work you’re doing and see first-hand that what you are is part of something bigger.
    1. Communicate often and early
      Being transparent allows for you and your teammates to work together better and keeps people in the know. Avoid having to chase down answers and unpacking complexities by being upfront and open. This taps into not just email communication, but in-person conversations too. Share your knowledge so others don’t have to track it down later.Clear communication is vital so no work gets duplicated and tasks can be executed as smoothly as possible. This includes raising the flag early when there’s an issue or a potential roadblock that needs to be addressed. The sooner a team can be notified of a problem, the better they can focus on fixing it.
    1. Be flexible with having to wear several hats
      Approach work with a no-task-is-too-small attitude. The beauty of working together is adjusting and fine-tuning for each situation and challenge that lies ahead. The more a team can adjust itself to meet situations, the better that team can maximize the strengths of each of its team members. According to the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, “flexibility in the workplace improved workers’ health behavior and well-being – improving the amount and quality of sleep and better health management.” If not for the company, be a team player for your health!
    1. Focus on your “superpower”
      Know what you bring to the table and know how to maximize its impact. For example, your superpower could be being the go-to person for data analytics or leading client communications. Once you’ve found your superpower on your team, it’ll be easy for the people around you to know what to go to you for, thus streamlining the work.

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