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strategy meeting leopard print shoes

As a new team member at Audienz, and a remote one at that, I wanted to get more involved, so when the call came for volunteers to write blog posts I jumped at the opportunity (newbie mistake).

In preparation for my first blog post, I started taking courses on writing, reading other blogs, and looking up all the best “tips” on how to write a blog. Even after all of that, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about. Then I thought, why do I work for Audienz? And that is a simple answer–the people.

The principals have managed to get a group of immensely talented, hard-working, and passionate people together who also happen to be really cool. Leopard print high tops to a business meeting cool. What happens when you get all these super smart, well-dressed people working on the same project? Magic. Our secret ingredient is teamwork. When you come to Audienz, you don’t get one mind, you get them all.

Collaboration is often difficult because everyone has different goals. At Audienz, our main goal is to help our clients succeed. Having everyone on the same page lays the foundation for success and then we build on that by creating a supportive environment for brainstorming. All ideas are good ideas, and the team is encouraged to contribute, ask questions, and work together to solve the problem at hand. This friendly, inspiring environment is what breeds creativity and makes Audienz unique. It’s how we come up with the most compelling stories and how we are able to give our clients what they need to reach their goals.

In a perfect world, we could use the same practices to finish blog posts, but we save all the really good stuff for the clients. Teamwork and effective collaboration are why you want Audienz at your next strategy meeting–leopard print shoes or not.

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