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Disparate resources yield inefficiency

The client wanted to accelerate partners through various partnership levels, but the resources and programs available to support this effort were broad, disorganized, and inaccessible. The system in place proved ineffective for both partners and client’s internal staff—overtaxing and overwhelming all involved.


The right thing at the right time

Audienz stepped in quickly to understand the client’s goals, absorbing the depth and breadth of the programs and resources available to partners. Additionally, Audienz collaborated with the client’s staff to fully understand their specific needs – Audienz wanted to figure out how to better support the partners they worked with every day. Based on these insights, Audienz worked with the client’s team to develop a reliable, highly responsive Concierge Desk. With Audienz at the helm, the Concierge Desk came to life. Today, the desk continues to deliver on-call, customized guidance and support, answer questions, navigate resources, and reveal new opportunities to help partners accelerate growth.


Personalized support fuels growing success

The Concierge Desk consistently operates at 100% capacity and efficiently handles the high volume of new initiatives and demands. In a single year, Audienz helped their client respond to and resolve more than 2.5K inquiries, spanning a variety of campaigns. Audienz’s comprehensive, personalized support helped transform how the internal staff and their partners engage with their programs to fuel their success.

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