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In it together

After re-inventing their Enterprise support offering for the first time in over 20 years, our client’s field team needed to adapt to a new sales approach—fast. As the global release of the billion-dollar offering approached, sales and account teams were under pressure to hit revenue goals while still learning how to position their new product. They needed a regular rhythm for field feedback, iteration, and adoption, in order to be agile enough to map their offering to real-time customer scenarios and meet sales targets in an ever-changing cloud market.


Learning together

Audienz built a previously non-existent community of field engagement through a contest, encouraging team members to share their best practices and successes across the globe. We built this contest cycle as a critical feedback mechanism for their overall go-to-market and change management strategy. Working with our client team through cross-departmental relationships, we established a peer-to-peer learning platform through contest communications, readiness materials, and executive-level recognition.


Better together

More than just an annual world-wide event, this contest has gained broad recognition as a chance to come together to share field insights and recognize major successes. Field members can now provide critical feedback to the go-to-market team and promote the sales strategies they developed through real-time customer interactions. This communal effort fuels momentum within the sales and delivery teams who now have a consistent funnel for receiving, validating, and refining feedback. Resisting the trend of isolating account teams, this effort shows that teams who learn in community are better together.

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