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New business needs require a new approach

Cloud products and services are essential to the success of companies embarking on digital transformation. Keeping up with companies embracing transformation requires a transformation in thinking and approaches. Our client needed to address changing customer needs while maintaining a people-centered focus. That effort called for both a new way of thinking and a willingness to take risks to bring new services and experiences to market quicker.


Pivot group thinking to create new solutions

Our client wanted to utilize a “hackathon” approach to encourage their team to try a new way of thinking and focus on solutions that could be tested quickly. Hackathons are commonly used in the software industry to build products, so utilizing this concept to build new approaches was an innovative solution. Our client had a short timeline, giving Audienz an added challenge—create an event that offered solutions and rebooted organizational thinking about creating solutions. Our experience in strategy and approach to development, communications, and event execution allowed us to quickly envision a robust event that met the client objectives. Audienz provided overall project management and event coordination, comprehensive communications, deliverables design, and team engagement.


New ideas, increased collaboration led to quick results

With over 40 people in 10 groups pitching their ideas, the client team embraced the event. Three initial experiments received funding and executive sponsorship to start immediately, and an additional three experiments were funded and sponsored in the next quarter. Additionally, the team carried additional suggestions and ways of thinking into the business planning for the next year. The event was successful in providing unique solutions and driving cross-team collaboration, so our client is adding this approach to their resources for addressing large-scale challenges in the future.

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