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One Size Doesn’t Fit All


For businesses around the world, cloud services are the best way to expand their IT capabilities while lowering their technology costs. Providing the same level of privacy and security for these services across the globe, however, is as difficult as it is critical. In Europe and Asia – huge sales markets – governmental regulations and security standards are notoriously complex. Many customers and their partners across the globe still keep sensitive data on hardened on-premises systems. To address these issues, Microsoft has expanded the capabilities of their cloud network to address the strictest privacy requirements and enable broader cloud adoption worldwide.


Getting the Message Across


Microsoft partnered with Audienz to assist in messaging, positioning and marketing this specialized product to a very specific audience. Audienz worked with experts, partners and customers to identify key messages and develop materials for tiered launches of services in multiple geographies. We then took on the challenge of collaborating with the corporate product team to explain technical and licensing intricacies to industry analysts, partners and regional sales teams.


Breaking Through by Breaking New Ground


Audienz worked hand in hand with our Microsoft sponsors to launch datacenter offerings in numerous worldwide locations to positive analyst and industry reception. We then assisted in preparing regional channels and partners to sell and utilize these new cloud products. The successful introduction of these advanced cloud services has enabled Microsoft to expand their footprint with key multi-national companies as well as break ground with new customers.

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