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Modern Services Need Modern Accountability

For years, a group at Microsoft has been working with disconnected, redundant, and manual tools and processes resulting in inefficiencies and errors. To rectify the problem, Microsoft launched an effort to modernize and integrate the tools and processes. This required the implementation of a comprehensive communication strategy that impacted over 14,000 employees worldwide.


Comprehensive Feedback to Inform the Big Picture

A cohesive communications strategy and execution plan ensured a smooth transition to the new solution. Audienz created a central portal and supporting content that was used across all global regions. The communications approach and portal are centered around a self-serve model to allow new groups on-demand access to learning and resources as they are on-boarded.


Actionable Insight to Optimize Customer Outcomes

Driving a new business solution for $5 billion in company revenue across 84 countries, the stakes were high. This was our client’s third attempt to undertake this ambitious initiative, and Audienz played a key part in the success. Providing curated content and field communications across all regions. Our client’s world-wide employees received the right information when they needed it, allowing for smooth adoption and overcoming resistance to change—the very challenges that caused prior attempts to fail.

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