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Lost in the Crowd

In the era of artificial intelligence, cognitive science and machine learning, Nuance Communications is a pioneer and long-standing leader in speech and imaging applications for industries worldwide. Despite Nuance’s tenure in the market, emerging players armed with alternative technologies and corrosive messaging tactics posed a significant threat, prompting Nuance to bolster their competitive positioning.


Gaining an Edge Over the Competition

Campaign development

Audienz conducted research and several Nuance SME interviews, resulting in a fresh outsider perspective on Nuance’s established market, competitor landscape, and the trade-offs of using different technologies to solve common problems. By validating and building on Nuance’s knowledgebase and consolidating it with new ideas into detailed-yet-digestible readiness guides, Audienz enabled Nuance’s sales force to break through long-held assumptions and gain new, actionable insights.


Breaking Through and Standing Out

Equipped with a clear understanding of how their positioning stood up against competitors’, Nuance sales reps could play their strongest hand in every sales conversation—championing Nuance’s technological advantages relevant to designing solutions architecture, picking apart competitors’ claims, and confidently responding to prospects’ and customers’ concerns alike.

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