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Flying by the Seat of Their Pants

Our client was tasked with developing a new suite of services and offerings that needed to evolve as the program grew. This situation created a unique set of business challenges that required piloting the offering and incorporating field and customer feedback to enhance the solution and make it available globally. Next, the client tested the product value proposition and tools to enable sales through a series of pilots.


Soaring (A)cross Collaboration

We worked with our client to develop a strategy and process to pilot multiple offerings and services. To test these offerings, we developed plans, launched the first pilot, delivered the service, gathered feedback and data and enhanced the offering for global availability. This organizational rigor empowered the client to run a series of short- and long-term pilots with a set timeline, audience, and scope.


Building the Runway for Global Takeoff

The client received actionable customer and subsidiary input, refined materials and processes quickly, and obtained insights from both the field and customers to enhance their market performance.
Our partnership with the client over the past three years, has resulted in significant client expansion, over 10 global, multi-year pilots, and has ultimately shattered their original financial goals. To date, our clients have exceeded their financial projections by nearly 400%. With our support they continue to build additional pilots and roll out expansive global offerings.

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