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Changing our offering

Dominance of the cloud has revolutionized the way companies work, raising the stakes for enterprise technical support offerings. Even with a large share of the global support market, our top Fortune 500 client knew securing their position as an industry leader was going to require a complete transformation of their 25-year old business model—inside and out. In a world where customers have more options for support than ever before, successfully executing this change meant driving new conversations with new customers, upending the cost conversation around support, and spearheading massive change management across tens of thousands of internal roles.


Changing the way we do business

A total shift of this scale was more than your run-of-the-mill go-to-market strategy—it was a multi-year integrated change management effort that influenced multiple external and internal stakeholders including analysts, product groups, sales and delivery teams. It required learning new muscles, positioning new value to multiple customer audiences, and building new relationships across workstreams. Our client knew they could rely on Audienz’ creative, holistic approach to drive this massive internal mindset shift while delivering a completely aligned go-to-market strategy.

What we delivered

  • Pilot execution and management
  • Sales readiness and learning paths
  • Internal communications to support change management
  • GTM strategy and content tailored to customer segments
  • Event presentations
  • Digital marketing campaigns



Changing the industry

Audienz was closely integrated to this product and the client team from its initial market research stage all the way to its commercial world-wide availability. This brand-new support product surpassed transition targets in its first year and is one of the fastest-growing products in the company. The response from our client’s organization has been incredibly positive and we’ve become an essential part of their business – continuing to evolve the model and value proposition for complex customer scenarios. With our help, our client is completely changing the support industry, providing a whole new value to their customers in a market that is moving at lightning speed. We didn’t just help launch a new product—we helped them change the way they do business forever.

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