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Modern Services Need Modern Accountability

In an effort to modernize and create a true “One Services” experience, Microsoft’s Services Business Organization implemented new integrated tools and developed new processes to streamline their end-to-end deal lifecycle. This, in turn, would reduce errors in day-to-day work, improve the quality of services support, and drive higher long-term deals and customer satisfaction. However, the organization lacked comprehensive reporting into training progress and utilization of the new tools and processes across locales, making it difficult to gauge success or inform ways to improve the methodology or materials for better adoption.


Comprehensive Feedback to Inform the Big Picture

Understanding the common and unique reporting needs of each country’s service delivery leader was the first step. By validating research and assumptions with these leaders, Audienz established a shared vision for reporting that each stakeholder could get behind. From there, Audienz designed a visual reporting tool to easily surface KPIs by country that would help stakeholders in each country to see progress, address roadblocks, and refine training rollout strategy and execution as needed in a timely manner.


Actionable Insight to Optimize Customer Outcomes

The reporting tool was immediately popular with service delivery teams in several countries. As positive feedback on the tool spread to Worldwide Services leadership, a new opportunity arose: making the tool inclusive of region, worldwide, and service-specific training progress as well. Audienz delivered on this need quickly, resulting in the de facto reporting tool used by different levels of management through Worldwide Services. Now with the ability to see how trainings are progressing, how many people are using the training materials, and how Microsoft’s financials are impacted by using the tools, leaders throughout the organization can focus on the right ways to drive optimal customer experiences and customer outcomes, as well as new sales opportunities everywhere Microsoft operates.

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