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The Problem

New App, No Reputation

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Worcket recognized the opportunity to bring recruiting into the modern age through more intuitive user experience and leveraging advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. With a unique algorithm designed to match recruiters and hiring managers with interested, prequalified candidates—and, if both parties are interested, the ability to quickly schedule interviews within the app—the startup had potential to encourage an increasingly mobile-first workforce. But as an unknown name in a sea of recruiting apps and without an internal marketing team, they needed end-to-end support to not only market their app but make sense of engagement data to inform future decisions.

The Solution

It Takes A Millennial To Know A Millennial

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Audienz built Worcket’s marketing program from the ground up to increase awareness and app downloads among recruiters, hiring managers and millennial job seekers. Extensive research and strategy led to Audienz pinpointing digital and in-person activities relevant to each target audience, and creating stand-out content to fuel an integrated PR campaign and a student-incentivizing campus ambassador program. Leaning on one of Audienz’s own millennials to lead execution gave Worcket relatability and credibility, particularly in promoting and attending recruiting industry events such as Talent 42, leading to new relationships with key influencers.

The Result

Hire Recognition, Higher Confidence

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Since kicking off its marketing program, Worcket has discovered and built on its unique value to the recruiting industry, leading to a robust social presence, a growing campus ambassador program and a 14x increase in app downloads. But more than boosting KPIs, the company has gained new marketing competency and confidence it can build on to take the recruiting industry by storm.

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